Ahdom Sayre is a strategist and architect for performative, built environments and founder of AHDOM_SAYRE group.


AHDOM_SAYRE focuses on creating spaces that foster improved health and higher performance through Performative Environmental Design—a proprietary euthenics¹ methodology devised by Ahdom Sayre in 2018 that leverages the interdisciplinary studies of contemporary medical sciences and derived architectural theories to inform advanced architectural practices.


PED and it’s approach to spacial configuration and utility encompass a new typology of built environment: one, that when compared to previous models, not only provides greatly improved benefits to occupants, entities, and cities, but also to the ecosystems in which they exist.


A_S functions across all project scales—from consumer product to urban planning—but at the heart of every initiative is this core principle:

As biological organisms, human performance and happiness are directly determined by our internal state of either growth or decline.

As a culture, we are familiar with the effects of both; but up until this point, we have focused mostly on avoiding what hurts us and too little on surrounding ourselves with what makes us better. We have allowed our food systems, cultural habits, and built environments to be shaped by this perspective, and it has proven itself unsuitable for continued life and development.


Due to a simple perspective shift—and the science and technology to back it up—we are entering an age of recalibrated health and prosperity, led across all industries: from food as medicine, to environments as performance enhancers.

Through blurring the lines between modern technologies and the unmatchable power of biological mechanisms, an architecture can be achieved that is both performative and restorative—intuitive and mysterious. In spending time within such a condition, a unique whole-body state of visceral stimulation and calm is naturally fostered and our true potential for happiness, health, and prosperity is revealed.

It is now recognized through science that the gateway to both our best selves and our best work is in fully satisfying the needs of the mind and body via calibrated environmental conditions. This methodology has proven merit within any environment or business and is the driving principle behind all of AHDOM_SAYRE’s work.

¹euthenics: the study of the improvement of human functioning and well-being by improvement of living conditions. - wikipedia.com. Retrieved 18 Sept2019.