The TS_Series is a study in functional minimalism. (2015)

From the onset, three criteria were used to define success in the project: comfort, a sustainable system that could last for over 100 years, and a viscous stripping of everything that wasn't necessary for achieving the first two.

Comfort: Although conceptual ‘uncomfortable’ furniture can be cool, this series was designed with ‘I miss my chair’ in mind.

A Sustainable System: The manufacturing of furniture often relies heavily on 'destructive' or non-serviceable means of combining materials, either for hiding unsightly elements of the construction, or because it is less expensive and easier to use a staple or stitch than to devise a user-serviceable system. This methodology is often perpetuated by consumer support of 'cheapest possible' marketing, often resulting in short life-cycle products which always come at the expense of someone or something else. Therefore, it was important to find a solution that was simple yet effective, and didn’t compromise aesthetics or comfort for the sake of serviceability.

A Viscous Stripping: This element actually accompanies the previous in that using less material and relying on the truth of form directly combats habits of waste in furniture making, and it looks better too.


The Result

Although initially it seemed that the answer to all of these criteria would result in a compromise amongst all three, in the end it proved that these systems all contributed to each others success.