RVCC Intersect

RVCC Intersect

arts district, Los Angeles / 2017

Project Summary: RVCC's first 'open to the public' social space in the form of a coffee bar and lounge.
Address: 2406 E. 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Owner / Operators, Concept Design: Nico Rusconi & Chris Adams
Bar Design & Fabrication, Furniture: Ahdom Sayre
Space Conversion Architect: Cara McConnell

General Construction: Jorgensen-Reeve Builders
Lighting: Brendan Ravenhill and Buster + Punch
Cafe Furniture: Timothy Oulton
Espresso Machine: MAVAM

Resident Barber & Partner: Etiquette Barbers
Chef & Food Design: Eddie Ruiz
Shop Logistics & GM: Thomas Neilan

Project Background: Intersect was conceived in an effort to provide a comfortable yet refined living-room-style refuge for people looking to escape the expanding commercialism of the Arts District. RVCC since its launch has been focused on bringing people together—reinvigorating the social bonds between the passionate few who still seek conversation and culture through physical means within the city. RVCC had previously exclusively offered members-only services for its events and facilities, and with Intersect, finally expanded its offerings to the public domain.

Design Notes: The aesthetic of Intersect was largely dictated by the existing art direction standards of RVCC, but differed in its focus to showcase the natural beauty of California through the celebration of its rich natural and technological history. The formal articulation of the bar was chosen as a nod to California's significant role in the development of aviation, with the transitions and faceted geometry of the counters emulating the angular, radar-deflecting hull of stealth aircraft. Complementary furniture was chosen for the cafe from Timothy Oulton's famous aviation-inspired line, defined by rivets, metal paneling and tufted leather similar to that found in early aircraft. The ancillary spaces of the cafe are designed to give the opportunity for refuge in order to conduct work or private socialization in similar fashion to facilities at RVCC’s headquarters.

Custom Manufacturing List: All bar elements, select freestanding and built-in furniture. Bar elements include: bar tops & facade, steel faceted transitions, foot rail, stainless back-bar paneling, MAVAM integration into counter, built-in stainless knockbox. Furniture includes: TS_Series pieces (TS1, TS2, TS2.3), custom carbon steel and wood space-frame benches and desk for foyer and lounge.
Timeline: 1yr, completed in 2017

Photography: Ben Bassu