PDNE - 'Rue James Grant-Milne'

Please Do Not Enter - 'Rue James Grant-Milne'

Downtown, Los Angeles / 2017

Project Summary: Please Do Not Enter semi-permanent show featuring Lucas Beaufort for the first release of his painted works.

Owner / Operators: Nicolas Libert and Emmanuel Renoird
Art & Concept: Lucas Beaufort
Installation Design & Fabrication: Ahdom Sayre
Fashion Design: Michelle Aquino
In Partnership With: Millenium Biltmore Hotel

Project Background: Lucas's signature style and work originated as a form of emotional processing from the fears he experienced as a child while walking through the wooded areas of Rue James Grant-Milne in France. Through materializing the figures and monsters that he imagined laying in waiting in the dark recesses of this forest, Lucas found that their power over him was removed. This exhibit was the first to show his developed style in the form of painted works. Ahdom Sayre and Michelle Aquino produced complementary works in the form of the forest installation (Ahdom Sayre) and limited run clothing items (Michelle Aquino) that were sold as a part of the show, which also featured Lucas's monster art.

Design Notes: The forest was designed to create a natural screen and intuitive pathway to the work, engaging visitors from the street and provoking them to enter to discover more. As one approached the space, the layout and orientation of the individual elements provided a maze-like experience, obscuring and directing views towards Lucas's works in a choreographed sequence, encouraging prolonged attention and exploration of the work and environment. Although the pieces were designed specifically for PDNE's Olive St gallery, their composition proved to effortlessly integrate into the new owners residence as well.

Custom Manufacturing List: Forest installation. Includes: Trees, CNC milled fiberboard bases, paint.
'Forest' Work: 3pc, $15k (sold, private buyer)
Timeline: 4mo, completed in 2017

Photography: Brinson Banks