Platform, Culver City / 2018

Project Summary: NANUSHKA's first west-coast retail space (pop-up)

Design: Provided by NANUSHKA
Manufacturing & Deployment: Ahdom Sayre
Pop-Up Logistics & Hiring: Retail For The People

Project Background: This project served as a platform for NANUSHKA to expand and test their retail in the US / West Coast market. NANUSHKA was adamant about having the space embody their signature style and upscale home aesthetic even though their tenancy was initially based on a three month term. The design pulled many elements from their flagship Budapest store and expanded upon the idea of a ‘bedroom boutique’ with the placement of large changing mirrors in the middle of the store. Because of short lease term, the combination of the desired timeline and full-scope build was the major challenge for the project as the lease began almost simultaneous to the start of the project construction. Through an extreme coordination effort, all pieces were made and installed on site within a 10 day turn around time to get the store up and running as quickly as possible.

This pop-up ended up doing so well that NANUSHKA extended their lease for more than double their original term and are now planning to bring a larger and permanent face of NANUSHKA to the West Coast.

Custom Manufacturing List: All store elements. Includes: racks, mirrors, display tables, sofa, curtains, checkout stand, and changing room.
Timeline: Entire build and deployment was executed within a 10 day turn around time.

Photography: Rowan Daily