Ahdom Sayre is an architectural experience designer and manufacturer based in Los Angeles, CA. His namesake studio (AHDOM_SAYRE) focuses on creating spaces that foster true health and higher performance through awe, natural systems, and five-sense ergonomic design.

Although A_S produces work within the entire gamut of physical experience design—from product, to furniture, to landscape and architectural-scale pieces––at the heart of each of their designs is this core principle:

Through blurring the lines between the conveniences of modern technologies and the adventurous landscapes of the natural world, an architecture can be achieved that is both performative and restorative, intuitive and mysterious. In spending time within such a condition, a unique whole-body state of visceral stimulation and calm is naturally fostered, and our true potential for creativity, inspiration, happiness, and health is revealed.

It is now recognized that the gateway to both our best selves and our best work is in fully satisfying the needs of the mind and body via calibrated environmental conditions. This methodology has proven merit within any space or condition and is the driving principle behind all AHDOM_SAYRE’s work.