Heightened Sense® - 'south of heaven'

downtown, Los Angeles / 2018

Project Summary: HEIGHTENED SENSE® pop-up inside of the hidden streetwear boutique Bodega, located in the ROW in Downtown LA. Transformed an existing flex space within Bodega through the deployment of a fake storefront and ‘store-within-a-store’ concept that Bodega is known for to create an intimate and in depth brand experience for customers to explore the world of HEIGHTENED SENSE®.

Fashion & Concept: Solid under his brand HEIGHTENED SENSE®
Installation Design, Pre-Fabrication, & Space Transformation: Ahdom Sayre
Environmental, Applied, & Brand Art: Rex
Concept Art:
Photography: Jerm

Project Background: This pop-up was the first of a series of planned immersive / invasive installations for HEIGHTENED SENSE®. The kernel behind these incarnations was to both showcase the brand’s new work and to provide environmental and interactive experiences for people to explore the aesthetic narrative and the conceptual world of HEIGHTENED SENSE® in the most tangible fashion possible.

Design Notes: This installation at Bodega played specifically off of the store’s core concept of ‘hidden in plain sight’. Bodega itself is difficult to find, with its entrance being a decoy cold-storage produce warehouse facade, requiring a previous knowledge of its existence in order to find and once inside, there are many smaller aesthetic mirages including a ‘bodega’ that is completely conceptual and non-functional. This concept was continued with the HS installation by building a ‘ruin’ within this space behind an operable garage door, giving the appearance that this disheveled space was simply a discarded remnant that maybe you simply never noticed before, not something new.

The style of the build was dictated by previously created HEIGHTENED SENSE® brand art and references, with layout, materials, and forms designed by Ahdom for experience, authenticity, and cost efficiency in mind. All items were designed and prefabricated in order to achieve a one day turnaround from white box to full deployment on site.

Project Scope & Build: Conceptualization & space transformation. Includes: metal wall unit and hanging display, steel wall-mounted racks, acrylic character display box with LED panel and metal frame, CMU ‘wall’ and glass storefront with reclaimed wood and sheet metal frame, P-90 steel display box and acrylic cover (P-90 created by Solid and Rex).
Timeline: 2 weeks conceptualization & design, 2 weeks deployment, event took place in December 2018


Brand Art: Rex

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 3.44.26 PM.png

Teaser Video: Ahdom Sayre & HEIGHTENED SENSE®

Concept Art:
Photography: Jerm

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 3.21.31 PM.png

Photography: Jerm