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Coast By Coast

Coast By Coast

mobile retail platform, Los Angeles / 2016

Project Summary: Coast By Coast mobile retail platform build and supplementary pop-up structures / installations

Owner / Operator, Concept Design: Kristen Cleary
Interior / Architectural Design & Fabrication: Ahdom Sayre

Project Background: Coast By Coast was started out of a passion for the adventurous lifestyle that wearing swimwear promotes, and the desire to share the empowering and freeing feeling that great swimwear provides. Naturally, this materialized in the mind of Kristen Cleary in the form of a mobile boutique in the form of a ‘73 VW bus, centered around this swim lifestyle and capable of bringing great product to the people who have been looking for it.

Design Notes: The initial bus designs were done by Kristen in collaboration with a Brooklyn-based designer, but were refined and redone by Ahdom Sayre in 2016. The new designs dictated a full interior rebuild including a solid white oak floor, an upholstered custom white oak seat, and white oak shelving with expandable racks. The rear seat featured built in speakers, a drawer for merchandize, and a secret compartment to store the expandable racks that are deployed at retail setups, keeping the bus show ready even during trips between events. The blackened steel and white oak two shelf and hanging merchandise rack separates the cockpit from the rear and gives the opportunity to browse even while seated in the van. The white oak floor continues in the truck area with another blackened steel and white oak shelf for a rear display. When parked, the bus can deploy two hanging racks that attach to the interior display elements and extend outwards of the sliding door and trunk to display a full selection of wares.

Design & Manufacturing List: All bus interior elements. Includes: White oak floor and custom subfloor, white oak seat with arm rests, built in drawer, speakers, and rack storage, custom cushions, steel and white oak fixed shelving with expandable steel and white oak racks.
Timeline: 2mo (Mobile Platform), 2wk (Springs Changing Room)

Photography: Kristen Cleary